P O S I T I V I T Y   A R Y

Arianna aka Positivity Ary is an outstanding Italian artist whose 
creative and charismatic mind thrives on pop and contempo-
rary style
. She realized her talent in visual art during her college 
years. After she received a Master’s Degree in architecture in 
Italy she moved to the United States to realize her dream, which
is to share her art with as many people as possible. Since Posi-
tivity Ary started working on her first collection she has achieved
several accomplishments. Her most recent acclaim was becom
ing a finalist with the artwork “I Hate People” at the international
Art Prize Stencil in Australia.

Positivity Ary is in continuous evolution and transformation. Her 
art is innovative for her use of media and technique. Technique
and meaning make Positivity Ary a distinctive artist. She moved 
from the digital art with her first graphic collection The Virtual 
to her last collection The Nudity where she used acrylic 
paint, oil and pastel colors. Positivity Ary’s body of work is subdi-
vided in different collection. The common thread between the 
collections could be that her art expresses the concept of beauty,
love and the power of color with different mixed-media.





  • Publication at  ‘L’ Atlante dell’ Abitare Virtuale‘ , Maurizio Unali page 184.  


  • Master Degree in Architecture from ‘University G. D’ Annunzio’ in Pescara, Italy.  

  • ‘Punti Di Vista’ selected in ‘Opere D’arte per la Tutela Ambientale’  competition, Pescara, Italy.    


  • Commissioned artwork for Central Formaggi, Orlando, Florida.


  • Exhibition at Trevini Resturant, Palm Beach, Florida.

  • ‘The Kisses’ judged and selected to be part of Impression: the New Aesthetic exhibition
    at the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  • Pop of Color exhibition at Westfield Mall, Plantation, Florida.

  • Commissioned artwork for Santucci Resturant, West Palm Beach, Florida.

  • SOLO Art exhibition: Art meets Italy, Via Art Projects in Palm Beach, Florida.

  • ‘I Hate People’ judged and Finalist at International Stencil Art Prize, Australia.

  • Exhibition at Bikram Yoga, West Palm Beach, Florida.

  • Exhibition at JF Gallery with Chanel Addiction and I Hate People, West Palm Beach, Florida.

  • HOME exhibition at Artserve,Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  • Commissioned artworks for Truffle Guy, West Palm Beach, Florida.